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Here’s the thing: I’m not really selling you travel; I’m selling you time and access.

Every minute you don’t spend researching a vacation online is a minute you can either use to a) work more and make more money yourself or b) spend doing something you like doing more than planning travel.

If you’re someone who loves to plan travel, that doesn’t make any sense to you…you love it! You love the thrill of the hunt, you explode with joy when you find that amazing deal…awesome…you should definitely plan your own trip. Have a blast, post tons on Instagram, and let’s have coffee when you get back so you can tell me all about it.

Likewise, if you’re someone who looks at my fees and thinks “you’ve got to be kidding me…I would NEVER pay someone to plan a vacation for me,” then, sweet: you are not my ideal client. And that’s fine.

You’re someone’s ideal client, but that someone might, at this stage in your life, be Expedia or Costco. Which is perfectly okay.

If cost is your number one consideration, then, no, it doesn’t make sense for us to work together.

I’m not in the business of finding you the cheapest deal possible.

I’m also not in the business of frivolously spending your money.

I am in the business of providing the best travel experiences possible for your specific needs and wants.

And that’s where the service fee comes in.

I want to be as commission neutral as possible when choosing components for your trip. Would I love for you to stay in super fancy 5* resorts that pay me 15% commission and are easy to deal with? Absolutely.

Am I going to push that on you if I don’t think it’s right for you? Nope.

That’s great…but what else do I get?

I’m not just going to take a supplier’s first resort or cruise recommendation - I’m going to do some independent research and find out whether I have some options that I think are better for you and advocate for you on the supplier end of things.

If you’re going on a cruise, I am helping you choose the right shore excursions, drink packages and dining packages.

If you’re visiting a resort, I’m working with my travel partners to find the perfect resort for you based on your budget & travel style.

I’m putting a lot of thought and time into planning each one of my clients’ trips, and that time is valuable. What about when I’m not actively planning travel? I’m having coffee meetings with suppliers, going to conferences to educate myself on destinations and vendors, consuming media about great hotel properties, and traveling myself to gain first-hand knowledge.

Hence, service fee. My time is valuable. Your time is valuable. If what I’m charging for my time is less than what you consider your time worth and the idea of making a custom Google map with different icons for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops doesn’t fill you with joy? Working with a travel advisor should be a no-brainer for you.

Lecture, over. Homework: if you’re convinced that this might be the right option for you, contact me and let’s start planning Your Next Amazing Vacation.

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