My Planning Fees

  • Cruises: $75.00
  • All-Inclusive Resorts (including or not including air): $75.00
  • Groups: Varies by number of travelers
  • Hawaii: $75.00
  • Other domestic locations: $50.00
  • Trip cancelation fee: $100.00 (fee is charged if trip is canceled within 90 days of travel)

Planning fees are invoiced after the initial consultation and must be paid prior to beginning research to plan your vacation.


What do you get?

Here’s the thing: I’m not really selling you travel; I'm selling you the knowledge and experience to help you plan Your Next Amazing Vacation.

I’m putting a lot of thought and time into planning each vacation, and that time is valuable.

What about when I’m not actively planning travel? I’m having coffee meetings with suppliers, going to conferences to educate myself on destinations and vendors, getting certifications from cruise lines and resorts, and traveling myself to gain first-hand knowledge.

If you’re ready to have a vacation you won't soon forget, contact me and let’s start planning Your Next Amazing Vacation.

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